Light, air, heat and time affect the purity and integrity of extra virgin olive oil so quality control over all stages of production is critical. Verolio’s state-of-the-art processing facilities and systems are ISO:2200 certified and meet International Olive Council (IOC) standards – the highest of standards.
After early harvesting, Theodore’s Koroneiki and Athinolia olives are carefully cold-pressed. The oil is then quickly stored in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks under a blanket of nitrogen to retain freshness and low acidity and prevent oxidation. Testing and grading follows, and a fully automated bottling line adds the flexibility of a quick turnaround across a range of bottles and tin sizes. Every step is managed to the highest standard, with the confidence of a personal touch that comes with the pride, dedication and expertise of a six-generation, family-run business.
Olio by Theodore and Theodore’s Reserve can be also packaged under a private label for large corporations and retailers.